Events at the Williamson



March 28th and 29th: Wirral Potters with 2 day fundraising "Throwathon" and sale of pots 11am -3pm at the Williamson Art Gallery and Museum  

Pots will be sold to raise money for the Friends of the Williamson Art Gallery and Wirral Museums and The Eye Fund



April 16: A Dream of Wilfred Owen: 7.30pm Tickets £5 with a free glass of wine after the show.

The Great War poet Wilfred Owen is returning to the Williamson Art Gallery by public demand.  He will appear there on the evening of April 16 in the play, A Dream of Wilfred Owen, written by the author and journalist. David Charters. David gave a solo performance of his play at the gallery last July. Such was the enthusiasm of the audience that he has now extended it to allow for traditional songs sympathetic to the poet’s work and the war, as well as more poems. The songs will be sung by the folk singer, Lucy Mayhew, whose lovely voice and lyrical compositions are gaining an appreciative audience in Wirral.  Legendary entertainer, champion of local arts scene and member of Scaffold, John Gorman will read some of the poems, while David will again be Owen.

For almost 50 years, David has been a journalist and writer on Merseyside, having published local history books, as well as a compilation of his humorous writing.  For 25 years, he wrote a weekly column for the old Liverpool Daily Post and now writes the  Bard of Birkenhead column every Friday in the Wirral edition of the Liverpool Echo.

“A Dream of Wilfred Owen tells the story of the poet’s childhood in Birkenhead, leading to his war poems and death a week before the Armistice,” said David. “Some passages are based on real events, others are imagined, but I believe them all to be in the true spirit of Owen. Where possible, I have introduced local places known to the young Wilfred.”

Versions of the show have been performed at St George’s Hall, Liverpool, the Royal Liver Building, and Christ Church, Oxton. There will be new features in The Williamson show to be revealed on the night.