Exciting new workshop: Artifacts Alive on the 18th of April 2015

How would you like to be involved in an exciting programme to help display some of the rarely seen artifacts held at the Williamson ?  We want you to explore the objects in the gallery and museum's collection and bring them to life - literally!

The Williamson Art Gallery and Wirral Museums - working with Create Multimedia, a Wirral based educational media company, are planning a long term project for families and young people where we want you to come up with stories based on the never seen/rarely seen and use these as an inspiration to create animations based on what you find!

As a pilot for the programme set to run later this year, we are offering you the chance to try it out at The Williamson. We have set up a pilot session on the 18th of April from 11am- 3pm. You will use the painting of Birkenhead Town Hall by Stewart Woods to help inspire and create your film. You will be able to create sets and add a voice to your film - and when you've finished, you will receive a copy of your film on dvd!

We have a vast amount of objects to help inspire you to create your animated film, so, if you are creative type or like arts and crafts - this is definitely for you!  Bring some lego figures and a couple of small vehicles such as cars etc.  If you don't have any lego figures, we can provide some characters to work with.  Moshi monsters or Go Gos or something similar.

As a special offer, the session costs £25 per workstation from 11-3 and can cover  1, 2 or three people working as a group (either a family or a group of teens etc). A DVD of your creations will be included in priceas are all materials and resources. There are only 10 workstations available.  Bookings and payments  can be made through the Williamson Art Gallery reception desk.

Book your places quickly as they are limited .