Forthcoming Two Rivers exhibition in the Community Artspace in the Gallery 14 in the cafe

May 13th – June 7th
The Two Rivers Art Group at the Williamson Art Gallery
The Two Rivers Art Group is a collection of professional artists who occasionally exhibit together. Drawing their inspiration from the Wirral peninsula where they all live and work the resulting pieces show vastly different interpretations. The exhibition will encompass many and varied techniques and styles, including pencil drawings, original prints, digital art, portraiture and sculpture.

Rob Symington
David Brown
Susan Lee Brown
Marianthi Lainas
Julie Campbell
Susan Meyerhoff-Sharples
Linda Edward
Linda Mary Evans
Barbara Meynell
Janine Pinion
David Jones
Barbara Harrison
Elizabeth Monks
Barbara Singleton
Helen Bennett
Elaine Hackett
Jo Smith

Little Egret by Susan Lee Brown

  Moonrise by Jo Smith 

Stephanie lying on the floor 
by David Brown