Yesterday at the Williamson

Yesterday around 60 people came through our art room to join in the Family art Workshop making paper boats. The artist in residence, Pamela Sullivan had a team of young volunteers who regularly help out in the art room. It was a lovely start to Childrens Art Week which will continue next weekend with a Father's day workshop on Sunday
The Wirral Open Studio Tour in the Williamson will be on again today until 5pm.The tour is Wirral wide and there are several studios in the vacinity in Birkenhead, Oxton and Bidston.

Yesterday within the temporary studio space set up in Gallery One,  Li Wei Chen was demonstrating her calligraphy within her display and encouraging adults and children to join in. Painter, Janine Pinion worked on canvases around the theme of Bidston Moss. She was very willing to stop and share her ideas and techniques. David Jones was busy sculpting with his laminated cereal packets to create his marvellous models of ships and boats with intricate details.  I have been drawing inspiration from the Della Robbia collection to rework in her wirework and hope to continue with the theme beyond the weekend. I have really welcomed the opportunity to exhibit again in the Williamson and reminds me of my time with the Oxton Art Fair as well as reminding me that there is a creative life beyond my press role at the Williamson and for the Friends. Photographer George Evans had to continually explain his photographs were not in fact paintings and were HDR images of around Wirral..I often overheard him explaining the HDR process and discussing different lenses. All the artists have a link to the Williamson and we hope have brought a futher dimension to the gallery "offer" this weekend. The five artists have really enjoyed their time within the gallery.

The Wirral Open Studio Tour is funded completely by the exhibiting artists and adverts in the wonderful guide. Many thanks to the key organisers of this event.