Exhibitions at Williamson Art Gallery

Summer Exhibitions

Exhibition: Waterloo Lives: To commemorate the bicentenary of Waterloo, the National Army Museum have partnered with The Williamson Art Gallery and Museum on a temporary exhibition which looks at how the Battle was fought and won. Rarely seen objects from NAM will feature alongside The Williamson's permanent collections to tell the stories of the regiments, the soldiers, their families and the legacy they left behind.
Dates: 6/6/15 – 25/10/15
Venue: Williamson Art Gallery and Museum

Exhibition: Sylvia Hikins: Cold Coastlines – Iceland, Norway, Viking Wirral Exhibition
Sylvia Hikins is a poet, painter, author and music maker. She first visited Iceland in 2009 and was blown over (once quite literally) by the cold, empty, dangerous and extra-ordinary landscape. Drawn back many times since, part of the fascination is the tangible link with Viking Wirral, a shared common heritage where we all once spoke Old Norse, the same language as the Icelanders. Her exhibition, Cold Coastlines...Iceland, Norway, Viking Wirral combines nearly sixty paintings, many created especially for this event, plus poetry and a short DVD she made after flying over the erupting volcano  Eyjafjallajokull in a tiny Cessna airplane. Sylvia writes: ‘Painting, writing, poetry is one way I respond to the world around me. Listen. Look. Feel. Nature is at the heart of all abstraction. When I stare out into the Mersey Estuary I can still see those wild expanses of ice, fire, mountain, sea, and a sky full of dancing Northern Lights.’
Dates: 20/6/15 –19/7/15  EXTENDED TO 23/8/15
Venue: Williamson Art Gallery and Museum

Exhibition: Peter Philip Retrospective.
Born in Liverpool, Peter Philip began his working life as a Lithographic Artist, while studying part time at Liverpool College of Art, eventually returning, full-time to formal art studies, graduating with an honours degree in Fine Art from Liverpool John Moores University. He now regularly exhibits his work around the North West of England.

He is a representational painter working mainly in oils depicting subjects that are part of everyday life. Inspired by traditional classical paintings he paints contemporary subjects firmly establishing his compositions in the present day. An adept draughtsman preliminary studies forming an important element in the execution of his paintings, he also makes bold and articulate finished drawings.
Dates: 27//6/15 – 30/8/15
Venue: Williamson Art Gallery and Museum

New Exhibition: Thomas Burke: An Unfinished Life.
Albert Richards was born in 1906 in Liverpool. During the 1920s and 30s he studied art at Liverpool College of Art and the Royal College of Art, London.

In 1941 he joined the Merchant Navy as 3rd Radio Officer on the ship the Dalesman. In May that year, the Dalesman was bombed and sunk by enemy aircraft off the coast of Crete. Burke, along with other Merchant Navy personnel, was transferred to Milag (Marine Internierten Lager, or Marine Internment Camp) at Westertimke, north west Germany. Whilst imprisoned, he produced many drawings and watercolours. These included images of camp life, portraits and set designs for theatrical productions. In 1945, Burke was repatriated to Britain and  died the same year.
Dates: 15/7/15 – 27/9/15
Venue: Williamson Art Gallery and Museum

NEW Exhibition: Year 3 children from Bidston Ave Primary School have created zentangles, inspired by artist Paul Klee. ‘A drawing is like taking a dot for a walk’. A zentangle is an image made up of several patterns. The children chose the theme of marine life & linked it into the local area & the River Mersey, creating individual & collaborative patterned fish in the style of a zentangle. The 2nd part of the exhibition is based on the oldest standing building in Merseyside: Birkenhead Priory, with “stained glass” windows, inspired by the Priory Chapter House and the story of the Birkenhead.  There is a stark contrast between the zentangle fish - using black & white and the windows - using bright, bold colours. They selected some works from the Williamson Art Gallery catalogue to enhance the exhibition.
Dates: 30/6/15 – 27/9/15

Venue: Williamson Art Gallery and Museum

NEW Exhibition: Wirral MIND says ‘No!’ to Loan Sharks. Wirral MIND members have produced paintings focusing their thoughts and fears about the dangers of loan sharks and how illegal money lending can devastate people’s minds and lives. 

The Fountain Project based at Wirral MIND in Birkenhead has worked with the Stop Loan Sharks project to have their art work publically displayed here.  Inspiration was drawn from how loan sharks can affect friends and families with the group creating their own images to encourage people to phone for help.

Dates: 2/7/15 – 26/7/15 EXTENDED TO 23/8/15

Venue: Williamson Art Gallery and Museum

NEW Exhibition: Wallasey Youth Hub
Young people from Wallasey have created graffiti art to raise awareness of Wirral’s ‘grot spots’, and to promote community cohesion and diversity.Young residents are planning clean-ups of some of the area’s most unloved locations, which will then play host to temporary artworks. Wirral Council’s Youth Support service joined "Dead Cat Dreaming" to support young people to create their own pieces of graffiti art at workshops in February.The artwork is moveable and will eventually find their home at areas in need of some TLC. The community clean-ups are funded by Wallasey Constituency Committee. The project is designed to get young people engaged in maintaining their local areas and thinking about how art can be used to support community cohesion.
Dates: 29/7/15 – 30/8/15

Autumn exhibitions:

Coming Soon Interim 2015: Wirral Met Fellowship
An exhibition of paintings and prints by BA Fine Art fellowship students: Anna Clark, Jay Chesterman and Rachel Perry.

Dates: 19/9/15 – 18/10/15

Venue: Williamson Art Gallery and Museum

Coming Soon Wirral Society of Arts Members’ Exhibition

Dates: 19/9/15 – 18/10/15

Venue: Williamson Art Gallery and Museum

Coming Soon Weddings through the ages
Heswall U3A family history group display of wedding dresses from their members from the 1920's onwards including photographs and auxiliary information.

Dates: 14/10/15 – 20/12/15

Venue: Williamson Art Gallery and Museum

Coming Soon Oxton Art Fair
 A group of local artists who get together once a year within the walls of the Williamson Art Gallery, and show and sell their work, whether jewellery, fine art, photography, textiles... A great weekend in the autumn, with children's activities, for the past eleven years!

Dates: 28/11/15 – 29/11/15

Venue: Williamson Art Gallery and Museum