Exhibitions up to March 2016

Dominic Ward of Mosslands School

Exhibitions at the Williamson Art Gallery and Museum

Our year long exhibition “A Room of One’s Own “in Gallery Four will be used throughout the year to tie in with our education provision from our learning officer, Kathy Heywood and artist in residence, Pamela Sullivan.  The display is of interior paintings drawn from the Williamson’s collections, from all parts of the gallery’s life: from one purchased in 1913 to one given in 2015; prize-winners, bequests, gifts, transfers: they represent almost every way pictures come into museum collections. Over half are by artists with local connections; some by artists with international reputations, others by local students, they encapsulate in one room, the range and diversity of the Williamson’s art collection.

In Gallery Five, we have a semi permanent exhibition of English Watercolours. The core watercolour collection at the Williamson was being built from the early 1920’s in preparation for the new gallery in 1928 and continued particularly throughout the 1930’s: an effort was made to have work by all the significant British painters in watercolour and some very exceptional pictures are included: for instance, a JMW Turner that had formerly belonged to John Ruskin. The display will be rearranged around Easter to retire the delicate works from exposure to light.

In one of our Gallery Eleven until 13th of March 2016, we will have works by Herdman exploring the local scene. Wiliam Gawin Herdman (1805-1882) was a vigorous opponent of the Pre-Raphaelite tendency in Liverpool's Academy. He took very seriously his mission to document Liverpool as it changed into a bustling Victorian town. Herdman and his children provided the images of both Liverpool and its surroundings that inform all our perceptions of how things used to look and that provide the reference points for how it looks today.

In conjunction with the Herdman exhibition looking at the region, our exhibition in the local history gallery will be Village Wirral until 18/12/16 in Gallery 13

Looking through the A-Z or speak to any person in Wirral and the word "VILLAGE" crops up a lot. Wirral is often perceived as a series of village communities that still identify themselves as separate from their neighbours. This is a look through some of the Williamson's paintings that pick out the distinctiveness of many Wirral communities.

Selection from the Williamson collection of oil paintings from the late Victorian and early Edwardian period are on show in Gallery One, (no definite deadline so up until the gallery is required)

Liverpool Painters of the 19th Century begans on the 3rd of February ending on the 20th of March 2016. The Williamson has lent extensively to the Walker Art Gallery's exhibition Pre-Raphaelites: Beauty and Rebellion, which focuses on a select group of Liverpool-based artists and their cutting edge Pre-Raphaelite realism. The Williamson will show additional work by those featured artists and a group of paintings and drawings by other artists working in Liverpool at the time.

In our community space in Gallery Fourteen, we will have work from the Art Departments at The Mosslands School until the 6th March, this will be followed by artwork from West Kirby Grammar School from the 9th March until the 17th of  April.

Eight community quilts produced by Wirral Change will be on show in Gallery 11 from March 19th until the 1st of May 2016 in the Williamson Art Gallery.

In early Spring 2015, Wirral Change ran a series of rag rugging classes which was later short-listed for the Waste Prevention Award as part of the Liverpool Echo’s Environment Awards. The success of this project led to them gaining funding to create 8 community quilts, delivering sewing sessions to all of their community groups, using recycled materials. The quilts have been produced by different groups that meet at Wirral Change. They include the Carers’ Group, the Multicultural Women’s Group, the Thai Group, the Polish Group and the Indian Group.

Wirral Change is a Black and Racial Minorities Outreach Service offering information, advice and guidance on jobs, education, training, self-employment, health and wellbeing, as well as signposting to other services for racial minority people on the Wirral.

The organisation works in partnership with Wirral Borough Council, NHS Wirral and others. Wirral Change has demonstrated that the problem of work-less-ness in the black community can be effectively addressed through offering support to the community on a whole range of issues, employment-related and otherwise, and are constantly seeking new ways to make life better for those they aim to serve.