An Insight On The Gallery From A Teenager's Point Of View

Galleries and Museums aren't meant to be boring, they are meant to be inspiring and bring out the creative side of people and you may find out things you never knew before. You don't have to be crazy about art to enjoy being in this place, some of the people that work here had different hopes for their future than what they are doing now but they love it here. I hope you can too.

It's always nice to enter an environment that is so friendly and full of smiles. I was nervous to come to work experience here and 20 minutes later I was already comfortable, everyone here are so easy to talk to. I can look back on a few years ago where I was the shyest person ever, I'd never think I would be doing my work experience here but now I'm much more confident, when you crack my shell I can talk for hours, that actually might not be a good thing, just tell me to shut up. The people at The Gallery don't want you to be scared of coming in, its so much better inside, 'If in doubt walk through the door', Jo Burn's words not mine, nothing is ever as scary as you think.