An Insight On The Gallery From A Teenager's Point Of View

I don't really know how to set this out so don't judge me if this looks a bit muddled, I have never done a blog before so I don't know how this works, great I'm glad we cleared that up.
The People
I have had the absolute privilege to interview some very interesting people that work here and once you get chatting you can talk on for hours with them. The questions  asked weren't necessarily about their job they were more about what their hopes were when they were my age and if they ever thought they would be working here, to see if there is a link. There is obviously no link with me I mean I don't know how wanting to be Mini Mouse and a writer can link, unless I would star writing and blogging about Mini Mouse.........that would be odd.

the first person I interviewed was Nicola McGovern (sorry if I spelt her name wrong), she was so lovely to talk to and I really got to know her a bit more.

Nicola McGovern
When she was around my age (15) she was into fashion designing and she actually made her own clothes, I think that's pretty impressive, she continued to do this but never wore them because to her they weren't good enough. I know the feeling, In year 9 our goal was to make a Kimono but mine is somewhere in my house half finished, I said to my teacher every week 'I'll finish it off at home,' I had a sewing machine the only problem was I can't sew at all and the machine was about 50 years old, no joke. Anyway lets get back on track, Nicola was very interested in drawing when she was about 7, she got given a drawing of a beautiful looking mouse and she was just amazed. this girl was about 13 at the time and so as she grew up and went to art college Nicola also aspired to do the same. I'm actually running out of room on this page so I will carry on in a different post.