Wirral Society of Arts Open Exhibition - First Prize to Michael Pittman

Michael Pittman is the first prize winner in the Wirral Society of Arts 2017 - open exhibition for his painting " At Hades Gate". It is possible to see and even to purchase this work until the 19th of November.

Michael Pittman with his winning work "At Hades Gate"

Michael grew up in nearby Wallasey and developed a hobby of drawing from childhood into a passion for creating at Mosslands Technology College. He then went on to study at Wirral Metropolitan College and most recently gained his degree from Leeds College of Art.

I asked Michael to say a few words about his work as he is a relatively new artist to the Wirral art scene and I was curious about his heavily encaustic work...

"My practice is led by the process of painting. The method of repeatedly adding viscous, heavy material to the surface echoes themes of a futile sisyphean* task. It is a futility that is fought against by the intent to create meaning through the action of repeatedly adding the muddied paint.

'At Hades Gate' was created in order to make visual the mundane and confront the seemingly unseeable forces that were shepherding my mind across what felt like an endless and tangled landscape.

By painting I felt I had a self created purpose, that I was battling against something to pull my existence into being and perhaps overzealously pulling my soul from the River Styx.**"

* denoting a task that can never be completed.
**The River Styx (Greek: Στύξ, Stux, also meaning "hate" and "detestation") was a river in Greek mythology which formed the boundary between Earth and the Underworld (often called Hades which is also the name of this domain's rule